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Merge operational company data with thousands of cleaned and analytics-ready datasets from public sources and commercial providers inside one easy-to-use platform.
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Imagine what you can achieve with the worlds' data at your fingertips

Fusionbase Data Hub gives you access to thousands of datasets from a variety of categories and sources that you can use to enrich your operational company data. Sources include public sources like governments, universities or NGO's as well as commercial data providers.
Country Profiles
Global - Updated weekly
Fact profiles of 267 countries on their history, people and society, government, economy, energy, geography, communications, transportation, military, and transnational issues.

Information about

  • Detailed population structure
  • Political facts, e.g., current and past government
  • Economic indicators, e.g., GDP or tax incomes
  • Import and export of oil, gas and elictricity
  • Infrastructure, e.g., airports, hospitals, streets or ports
  • Military engagements
Global - Updated monthly
Most recent census data of every major country in the world.

Information about

  • Population numbers for countries and smaller administration territories
  • Distribution by age, sex or religion
  • Employment statistics
  • Education statistics
  • Migration movements
Global - Updated in real-time
Real-time event databases in categories like natural disasters, political events or terror attacks.

Information about

  • Global earthquakes
  • Violent and non-violent events
  • Political events like change in government
  • Terror attacks
Natural Disasters
Global - Updated monthly
Historical data on natural disasters like earthquake, tsunamis, hurricanes, extreme temperature or wild fires.

Information about

  • Global earthquakes dated back to 1800
  • Hurricane and tsunami data
  • Famines
  • Wildfires
  • Vulcano eruptions
  • Displaced people by natural desasters
  • Damage estimations
Real Estate
North America, Europe and China- Updated daily
Historical and latest data on real estate prices globally.

Information about

  • Resedential and commercial sale prices
  • Resedential and commercial rent prices
  • Statistics about local area usage
  • Data on rent and ownership financing
War & Peace
Global - Updated monthly
Information on inter-state conflicts, international relations, and other correlates of war including fatalities.

Information about

  • Real-time and historical terror events
  • Global wars and armed conflicts
  • Local riots
  • Peacekeeping missions
  • Trade and diplomatic relationships between governments
  • Migration movements
Economic data & indicators
Datasets containing information about various economic indicators
Education data from North America, Europe and China
Financial Markets
Data about financial markets, e.g., global stock markets
Data related to health, e.g., epidemics or death rates for certain diseases
Reference Datasets
Datasets that can be used for lookups ,e.g., country codes.
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Fusionbase seamlessly integrates with your workflow

No matter whether you are a data scientist who needs data to enrich a machine learning model, a business analyst who wants to enhance a report or a data engineer who has to feed the data warehouse with external data: Fusionbase works with your flow.

For Data Scientists & Business Analysts

Search and discover relevant datasets

Browse through thousands of datasets to find the right one for your project

Connect your own data

You can connect your operational data from various sources like Excel, AWS S3, Azure DataLake and others to merge it in the powerful analytics engine of Fusionbase Data Hub.

Seamless integration with BI/Data Science tools

Fusionbase seamlessly integrates with tools like Tableau, Qlik, Jupyter, Python or R so you can work with the best tools for your job.

For Data Engineers & IT

Full power of SQL

Shape external datasets and operational company data with SQL in minutes inside the Fusionbase Data Hub.

Explore schemas

Every dataset that is accessible through Fusionbase Data Hub is described with a schema to allow for easy integration in other data storage systems like relational databases.

Powerful API

Run SQL queries against the Fusionbase Data Hub API and export data either as JSON, Parquet or SQL dumps to build robust ETL pipelines.

Fusionbase runs on cutting edge technology to deliver data fast and safe

To harvest the full potential from quality third-party data, it needs to be merged with operational company data. Backed by years in data management research at TUM, Fusionbase makes use of innovative virtualization technology to deliver data fast and safe.
Gartner predicts: 
"Trough 2022, 60% of all organizations will implement data virtualization as one key delivery style in their data integration architecture."

Data Abstraction

Datasets are represented as virtual datasets which describe how to most efficiently access the data. This avoids costly and time consuming data movement or replication.

Seamless Security & Governance

No data is being moved around and therefore no shadow copies float through the organisation. Together with a granular access-right management you are always in control of your data.

Dynamic Data Catalog

Every dataset that is connected to Fusionbase Data Hub is automatically cataloged, so that it is searchable and can be used for enrichment recommendations with third-party data.

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